Different Types of Leggings


Photo by Victor Hughes on Unsplash

                                 Photo by Victor Hughes on Unsplash

12 Types of Leggings

Leggings are really nice because you can wear them with many different types of outfits. You can wear leggings underneath a dress or skirt, as an extra layer of warmth or protection. You can wear leggings under athletic shorts, also for an extra layer of warmth, for going on a run or working out. Another great time to wear leggings is for working out or yoga! There are many great athletic leggings like this available at Urban Phoenicia. Click here for some nice leggings options from Urban Phoenicia! Leggings can also just be worn with a regular shirt or hoodie, which you can also get from Urban Phoenicia! Click here for sweaters and hoodies and 

here for tops and t-shirts. A popular trend right now is wearing leggings with oversize hoodies and t-shirts. 

Leggings are also really great because there are so many different styles, types and materials! There are 12 main different styles of leggings and I’m going to talk about all of them. 

  1. The first type of leggings are ankle-length leggings. Ankle length leggings, are simply just the basic leggings that start at the waist and go all the way down to your ankle. Ankle length leggings are the most common type of leggings. Many of the other types of leggings are variations, or can be compared to ankle length leggings. Ankle length leggings are often worn for exercise like yoga, working out, biking ect. Ankle length leggings can be worn under skirts and dresses, or they can be worn with a t-shirt, tank top, long-sleeve shirt, hoodie, sweater ect. tops, hoodies, etc. Although they are always a hit, ankle length leggings are most popular in winter and fall when it is colder, because they offer a lot of warmth. Ankle length leggings can also be worn underneath a different pair of pants, because this offers an extra layer of warmth, again this is also typically done in the colder seasons. 
  2. The next type of leggings are knee length leggings. Knee length leggings start at the waist and go down to just past the knee.  Because knee length leggings only go down the just past the knee, knee length leggings are more common, and more comfortable  during summer and spring in the warmer weather. Very similar to ankle length leggings, knee length leggings are really great for working out, yogo, gymnastics, dance, and anything else like that. Knee length leggings can be worn under a skirt, or with any type of shirt. 
  3. The next type of leggings that I am going to talk about are very similar to knee length leggings, but they're a little longer and go down a few more inches. These are called capri-leggings or otherwise known as mid-calf length leggings. The length is about in between the length of ankle-length leggings, and the length of knee length leggings, so they go down to about mid-calf. Some people prefer capri length leggings because they aren't too short or too long, like ankle length or knee length leggings can be sometimes. Mid-calf leggings look cute with mini skirts, tank tops, t-shirts, and more. 
  4. Next, I’m going to talk about stirrup leggings. Stirrup leggings are similar to ankle length leggings, and also similar to footed leggings, or tights, which I am going to talk about next. They go all the way down, and then past your ankle, to the middle of your foot, but then there is a hole in the area of your ankle. Stirrup leggings were really when leggings really came into popularity in the US, this happened in the late 1980’s. Stirrup leggings are really great because there’s no chance of them riding up on your leg, especially nice when you’re wearing boots. The friction from the boot often moves the leggings around and it’s very uncommon.Photo by Melody Jacob on Unsplash                                      Photo by Melody Jacob on Unsplash
  5. The next type of leggings I will talk about are jeggings. Jeggings are a perfect combo between jeans, and leggings. They look like jeans, because of their seams, and fake pockets. Typically the waistband of leggings is also a combination between the two, there is no button or zipper, but the elastic is much thicker around the top than it is for typical leggings. Jeggings are great, because to anyone else, they look like jeans, which are nicer, but to you they just feel like comfy leggings, it’s hard for anyone else to tell whether or not their real jeans! Jeggings also can come at any of the different lengths I’ve talked about. They can be ankle length, which goes all the way down to your ankle, they could be at mid-calf length (capri leggings) which go to about your mid-calf. Or they could be knee length leggings, which go a few inches past your knee. 
  6. The next type of leggings are called footed leggings. Footed leggings are similar to tights, but not the same thing. Tights, although they also cover your whole foot, like a sock, and your whole legs, like ankle length leggings, are typically made a nylon, or knitted yarn, especially when they are nylon. Footed leggings, on the other hand are not see through, because they are made of ticker material. However, they are still typically worn with a dress, skirt, or even shorts. Footed leggings are similar to tights in the aspect that they cover your whole legs, just ankle length leggings would, and they also cover your whole foot, just like a sock. Another type of leggings that footed leggings could be compared to are stirrup leggings, they are similar to stirrup leggings because with both of these kinds of leggings, they will not ride up on your leg, because they are secured to your foot. 
  7. The next, are leggings called disco leggings. Disco leggings are very glamorous, but still a little casual, so they can be worn for many different types of things, as long as stylish and elegant is the look you’re going for. Disco leggings are made with a very unique material, so they can not be any colors, there are only a select few. These are: black, red, silver, gold, navy, pink, purple and wine. Disco leggings are made of a material that is called atlas. Atlas is a type of fabric that is very form fitting. Another thing that makes disco leggings different is that they are almost always high waist. Disco leggings can come in all different lengths, from ankle length, to capri length, to knee high, they don't normally come in stirrup style leggings, or footed leggings, but they probably could. 
  8. Now, I will talk about leather leggings. Leather leggings are not very common, but they are very fashionable and classy. Leather leggings are very thick and look almost like heavy shiny. Leather leggings could be any of the lengths, but they are most commonly full, ankle length leather leggings. Leather leggings are typically black, but they could, in theory, be any color. Leather leggings can be worn with a jacket, a denim shirt, a tank top, a blouse, ect. When leather leggings are worn with high heels or pumps, they look especially classy and sharp. Leather leggings are not always the practical fashion choice, but they are always the stylish choice. 
  9. The next kind of leggings is sequin or shiny leggings. These are actually two different types of leggings, but they are very similar so they can go into the same category. Sequin or shiny leggings are most often worn at places like clubs or parties, but they can be worn as everyday attire also. These sequin, or shiny leggings can be made of either nylon, or they can be made of spandex. The most common colors of sequin or shiny leggings are black, silver and gold. They CAN be other colors, but these are the most common colors for this type of leggings. Similarly to the colors, is the length. Sequin or shiny leggings, CAN be of any length, but the most practical length is all the way down to the ankles, which are ankle length leggings. Sequin or shiny leggings are very fun and exciting and an excellent option if you’re looking for something exuberant! Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash                    Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
  10.  The next kind of lettings are patterned or print leggings. Patterned or print leggings are also actually two different things, but they are similar. Printed leggings are leggings with an animal print or a different type of print on them. Some of the most common animal prints that are seen on leggings or other clothing are; cheetah print (also known as leopard print), snake print, zebra print, and giraffe print. Some other prints besides animal prints are galaxy print, a print of flowers, or almost anything else! Patterned leggings are basically the same thing, but in pattern leggings it is mainly patterns like stripes, checks, plaid, polka dots, and other things like that, but it could also be a variety of other things. Patterned or printed leggings can be many different lengths. They can be ankle length leggings, knee-length leggings, capri length leggings, ect, but the most common is ankle length. 
  11. The next kind of leggings are colored leggings. Colored leggings are simply leggings that have different combinations of colors on them. Colored leggings are worn for many different types of occasions. One of the most popular things that colored leggings are worn for is yoga. Yoga colored leggings are a little extra stretchy because for yogo you must have a full range of flexibility. The next thing that colored leggings are worn for is working out. Almost all leggings are good for working out, because leggings are stretchy, and for working out you need that. However, for fashion reasons colored leggings are particularly worn for working out. Lastly is maternity. Colored leggings are not always, but sometimes maternity leggings. Colored leggings, like most types of leggings, are mostly ankle length. However, colored leggings could also be, capri length leggings, or knee length leggings. Colored leggings are very fun and can add an interesting touch to an outfit. 
  12. The last, final, type of leggings, are men's leggings. Men's leggings are typically worn for running, biking, working out, swimming, and various other activities. Men’s leggings are sometimes called compression pants. Compression pants are nice for two important reasons. 
  • Compression pants provide warmth in colder weather. In this case they are often worn underneath sweatpants, jeans or a different type of pants. 
  • Compression pants make you have more blood flow in your legs, which can make you have a better athletic performance. 

Men's leggings are typically not worn for everyday use, because of these things. Men's leggings almost always go down all the way to the ankles, so they could be compared to women's “ankle length leggings. However, they could be other lengths, just like women's leggings. Also, just like women's leggings, men's leggings are nice because they offer a full range of motion, that you don't have with most types of pants. 

This concludes the list and descriptions of the different types of leggings, many of which are sold at Urban Phoenicia. Click here to view and purchase some of the Urban Phoenicia leggings.