The Story behind Urban Phoenicia

By R.K 

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The Idea behind Urban Phoenicia started back when I decided to start my first business endeavor as an entrepreneur. I spent countless hours thinking of my first online store and researched many different ideas and themes.The reason I chose clothing and apparel is because of my deep sense of passion for the latest trends of clothing and the appreciation of the creativity that is imbibed in it.

Photo by: Genessa Panainte (

               Photo by: Genessa Panainte (

Why Urban Phoenicia?

When I was thinking about a name for my online clothing store, Urban Phoenicia came to mind right away. As if it was meant to be. I read so much about ancient Phoenicia and their advanced ancient civilization. Trade was certainly one of their strengths, they also discovered the purple color which is also known as Tyrian purple. They used ships and boats to transfer their merchandise across the Mediterranean Sea--hence the logo and the color of Urban Phoenicia. There had to be a boat in the logo and it had to be purple!

Clothing and Apparel for Men and Women

I grew up in a culture that values fashion, clothing, and art. I always felt that I did not live up to the standards of my culture in that area—I caught up later in life. Developing a new appreciation for clothing & fashion later in life inspired me to pursue a lifelong dream of starting my own business. It was an "Aha" moment for me when I realized that I finally connected the dots and found Urban Phoenicia. My interest in watching fashion shows and following the latest clothing and fashion trends, brands, and apparel spiked!

Deciding what to include in my online store was the first challenge that had to overcome. People like options and a wide variety of clothes to choose from. Urban Phoenicia now has over fourteen different categories ranging from Jackets, leggings, T-shirts, and watches to men’s shoes, sweaters, and belts. It’s an online clothing store that covers most of your apparel needs.

The store’s vision and goals

Our vision at Urban Phoenicia is to provide our clients with a phenomenal shopping experience that will leave them extremely satisfied. We envision an online clothing store that is interactive, user-friendly, and inspiring to different groups and generations. Fashion is more than just a mere physical appearance, we believe it's a reflection of a deeper sense of identity and uniqueness. We see every client as special and unique, which is why Urban Phoenicia values the individuality and exceptionalism of its clients.

Becoming a global clothing brand is also a short and long term goal of ours. Being able to strategically position ourselves in a very competitive and crowded market is not easy. But we got what it takes to make it happen. Urban Phoenicia has gone in a short time from being an idea to being a virtual store that is promising and inspiring.

Photo by: Donald Giannatti (

Photo by: Donald Giannatti (

It’s more than Just a Store…It’s a community

We believe that our online store is more than just a business. It’s a community of passionate people who enjoy fashion, clothing, and trends. Our dream at Urban Phoenicia is to create an environment and a community of people who share their sincere opinion and passion about the latest fashion ideas. We want to hear our clients’ ideas and inspirations so we can continue to improve our products and services in order to serve our clients in a better way. Also, at Urban Phoenicia everyone is welcome to be part of our online store community, we welcome people from all backgrounds who want to share their experiences with us and inspire us to move forward and stay on top of our game.

Urban Phoenicia products

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